Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park

Canada's Wonderland Amusement Park Near Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCanada’s Wonderland, often called simply Wonderland, is the largest Theme Park in all of Canada.  It boasts over 200 attractions, 68 fun-filled rides, including the best variety of roller coasters in all of North America, as well as Splash Works, an amazing 20-acre water and swim park and even a large variety of live shows.  One of the park’s flagship rides is the Leviathan, which stretches up to 306 feet (93.27 m) in the air, thereby dropping riders at a thrilling and exhilarating 80 degree angle plummet.  The Behemoth boasts 8 extreme drops of its own, with open air seating, and high speed twists, loops and turns.  Those who want to test their courage can try out the Drop Tower, lifting up 23 stories high and then dropped at 100 km per hour.  Other amazing rides are the Vortex, a thrilling suspended roller coaster, the Bat, which will excite riders in an amazing corkscrew rail, Skyrider’s side-winding helix, Dragon Fire’s twin 360-degree loops, a trek through Wonder Mountain aboard Thunder Run, and many more!

Families can take a stroll and visit Planet Snoopy, home to the entire Peanuts gang, who will welcome the kids of all ages and invite you to a ride on Sally’s Loveboat, as well as a race on the Peanut’s 500 track or even a ride on the Woodstock Whirlybirds.  KidZville offers the little ones a variety of attractions, not the least of which are Taxi Jam, a kid-friendly roller coaster that will entice the adults too, as well as Chopper Chase monorail ride, and Zoom Zone’s planes, trains and rocket ships.  After that, it’s time to get some sun and water at the Splash Works Water Park.  Parents and kids alike will enjoy the park-wide Wi-Fi as well.

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