Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, Ontario

The Museum engages visitors with the wonder of flight through its spectacular collection, educational programming, activities, and special events. The Museum focuses on aviation in Canada, but within an international context, from its beginnings in 1909 to the present day. As Canada’s contribution to aviation expanded to include aerospace technology, the Museum’s collection and mandate grew to include space flight.

The Collection itself consists of more than 130 aircraft and artifacts (propellers, engines) from both civil and military service. It gives particular, but not exclusive, reference to Canadian achievements. The most extensive aviation collection in Canada, it is also considered one of the finest in the world.

Care and development of this collection remains one of the Museum’s main purposes. The Museum practises conservation and restoration techniques to keep the collection in a condition equal to the highest standards.

Sharing the collection is the Museum’s other purpose and is accomplished via:

  • exhibitions, tours, and visits
  • library, archives, and image bank
  • educational programming and daily activities
  • research papers, photo essays, and aircraft histories
  • birthday parties, and special events

As a national museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum enjoys both a national and an international reputation and following. It is one of three museums within the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation. If you live in or plan to visit Canada’s Capital Region, add “visit the Canada Aviation and Space Museum” to your agenda.

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum’s stunning location in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains to enjoy a day full of safe, family fun.

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Contact Information for the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum:

Telephone: 613-991-3044
Toll-Free Telephone: 1-866-442-4416






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