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Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton, AlbertaProviding the best in living history, Fort Edmonton Park is nestled on 64 hectares (158 acres) of wooded parkland along Edmonton’s river valley. What began as a Canada Centennial project in 1967 to reconstruct the old Fort Edmonton, quickly grew to encompass much more. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Rotary Club of Edmonton and the Fort Edmonton Foundation, the Park now includes the 1846 Hudson’s Bay Fort as well as the Streets of 1885, 1905, and 1920, depicting the evolution of Edmonton’s early history. Fort Edmonton Park is owned by the City of Edmonton and operated by the Fort Edmonton Management Company.

The Park is divided into four distinct Eras:

The Fur Trading Era as represented by the Hudson Bay Company Trading Fort (circa 1846)
The Settlement Era as depicted on 1885 Street
The Municipal Era (post railway) brought to life on 1905 Street
The Metropolitan Era portrayed on 1920 Street and the Johnny J Jones Midway

Costumed interpreters play characters based on real-life individuals who lived in the area. We welcome you to get to know them better. They enjoy talking about themselves and their lifestyles. The costumes are designed and constructed as was the fashion of the day. You’ll not find any velcro in this collection!
The buildings and artifacts found in each era are typical of the times. Some are original and others are detailed re-creations.
Each era offers the visitor a variety of experiences relevant to life and times of the populous. You are encouraged to take part in the activities throughout the Park.

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