New Brunswick Museum

The New Brunswick Museum in Saint JohnThe New Brunswick Museum is New Brunswick’s provincial museum.

As such, it is a principal repository and steward of material that documents or represents the natural and human history of New Brunswick and other related regions.

In partnership with institutions and communities we collect, preserve, research and interpret material to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of New Brunswick provincially and globally.


The New Brunswick Museum is a collection-based public institution which engages people, in both official languages, contributing to the knowledge and understanding of New Brunswick’s cultures and natural environment.

NBM Collections and Research Centre

Within the NBM Collections and Research Centre, collections of provincial, national, and international significance are researched and interpreted by NBM staff, university students, and visiting researchers for the preservation and dissemination of New Brunswick history, culture, and natural history. The Centre hosts researchers from around the world, responds to international queries about its holding, mentors students, creates exhibition for display at the NBM Exhibition Centre in Market Square (and at various venues around the province), and supports the production of academic and educational information. The NBM Archives and Research Library is open regularly to the public. Access to collections and the expertise of curators and other staff is available by appointment and through specific NBM programmes and activities.

NBM Exhibition Centre

The NBM Exhibition Centre in Market Square, Saint John shares the collections and stories of New Brunswick with residents of New Brunswick and visitors to the province. It is one of New Brunswick’s key cultural tourism attractions, as well as a significant venue for curriculum-based and life-long learning experiences. Approximately 65,000 people visit the NBM each year. The NBM partners with the private sector to offer innovative programming to cruise, group tours, meetings and convention groups, festivals and special events, as well as to other targeted audiences.

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