The Military Museums of Calgary

Military Museums of Calgary

Discover the victories, tragedies, and sacrifices of the Canadian Forces. Experience life at the helm in a Second World War wheelhouse, walk through a First World War trench and witness a bomber squadron’s mission over enemy territory. The Military Museums is dedicated to representing Canada’s navy, army, and air force and educating the public, particularly youth, about Canada’s military.

The Museum of the Regiments was formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 30 June 1990, on what was then CFB Calgary. The museum, partnered with the Calgary Military Museums Society (CMMS), was a joint venture of the four military regiments in Calgary at that time, each with its own gallery.

The Military Museums preserves and documents the history of all three branches of the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army, and Royal Canadian Air Force, with a focus on Alberta history, through an extensive public gallery and archival holding.

The museum collects, preserves, arranges, catalogues, interprets and exhibits to the public and members of CFB Calgary, the history of the base and its garrison units. The goal is to stimulate the interest in the history of the base to all personnel of the base, and the general public to cooperate with other organizations having similar objectives.

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