Calgary Farmers’ Market

Come Visit Calgary Farmers’ Market in Calgary, Alberta!

Calgary Farmers' Market in Calgary, AlbertaThe Calgary Farmers’ Market is located just off Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive. We are glad to see lots of new faces from our new neighborhood and many familiar faces coming every week to enjoy the local food and products. Come visit us this week and take the farm home with you.

The ABC Farmers’ Market Society was founded in April 2003, as a non-profit society. The “ABC” in the society’s name is for the Alberta and British Columbia farmers who make up the society.

The society consists of an 80 per cent majority of vendors who either “make it, bake it or grow it.” This is one of the many ways the society maintains its status as an Alberta approved farmers’ market.

The market was opened July 3, 2004 and has been a great success. The market has more than one million visitors each year from all around the world. We pride ourselves on providing a venue where Calgarians can get the best local food and products available. But the Calgary Farmers’ Market is so much more than that. We provide you with an experience, a place to meet friends and family, a place to make new friends with your local tomato farmer or jewellery maker. We provide a home for our vendors, and a home for your families.

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